Three tips were given in Part (1) of this game, while the rest are as follows:
4. Create a password for their pick-up from School
If you are not picking your child from school yourself, create a password for whosoever will pick them up. Also, ensure to change the password periodically.
5. Use "what-if" situations to reinforce lessons
Children get a chance to practice what you have taught them when you ask them questions based on the situations that you have created. They get to think it through and can provide a response. For example, ask them what they would do and say if someone said, “Mommy sent me to you”, “jump in the car let's go”, or if someone came up to them and offered them sweets while walking home. This is the kind of simulation that you need — do this often and as different situations arise to keep your children aware.

For older children and teenagers the following will also be of value to them
1 Older children are urged to keep their valuables out of sight and avoid using earphones in public spaces, as it will weaken their ability to sense danger

2 When walking home, teach your child to always use well-lit and populated streets

3 When boarding a bus or taxi, they should ensure it is not a “one chance” vehicle

6 Teach your child to be cautious of whatever information they post or divulge online

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