Parents need to educate their children, especially the teenagers and young adults, on the necessary information needed to prevent and respond to any crime or attack. It is important to teach them the following:

1. Teach your child important personal information
Ensure your child is equipped with important information such as your full name, phone number(s), address, and even where you work. In case of an emergency, you want your child to be able to provide this information so that you can be contacted.

2. Teach them to wait inside to be picked up
After school pick-ups can be chaotic. We see parents going in and out of the school premises with their kids. Unfortunately, in all this chaos, unscrupulous persons may try to breach security. This is why you must teach your child to remain in class or the relevant pick-up zone until you get there.

3. Teach them to beware of friendly strangers
Eventually, your child will be approached by a stranger at some point, and while this individual sometimes may be harmless, you must teach your child not to engage in conversations with a stranger. Make sure to tell them that if this person does more than just trying to talk to them, they should scream or fight back. Tell them to kick and hit, but more importantly, scream to get the attention of others. They must also know that they shouldn’t get into a stranger’s car, no matter what excuse is given.

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