How Tortoise Deceived The Hare

How Tortoise Deceived The Hare

The hare and the tortoise went to work on tortoise farm around 3:40am and finished work around 8:25pm they were so famished that they laid on the floor.

When the hare smelt the delicious aroma of food that Miss tortoise brought, he felt elated and was about to eat when the tortoise laughed and said
“Hope you are not eating with unwashed hands! Never!”
So the hare hurried down to the nearby pond three times but the tortoise didn’t budge he still said that the hands was still dirty.

By the time the hare came back after washing his hands he found out that tortoise was sitting down, the hare opened the two giant coolers but found nothing.
The hare vowed never to be friends with the tortoise until it died.

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