Relationship Topic People Discuss Late (2)

Relationship Topic People Discuss Late (2)

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Be honest about your feelings 100 percent of the time. It’s important to not propose a stand-offish persona when it comes to your feelings and your partner. Be upfront and let you partner know how you’re feeling – despite any fears you may have. If feelings are not discussed in the present, then aggression and anxiety will build up and cause a much worse outcome that may be irreversible for the future. Strive to be honest and instead of worrying about the other’s reaction, be more consumed with how to improve the situation at hand.
Past Relationships
It’s important when beginning a relationship that you lay everything out in the open. Being entirely honest will give the person the opportunity to bail before feelings are invested and cultivated. Have a Q and A – giving each individual the opportunity to ask the questions that they deem important and worthwhile. Disclosing prior relationships will alleviate any possible surprises in the future – which will also eliminate any future arguments.
Walking into a relationship you should know the goals and hopes for your partner. Are they happy with their career? Do they want children in the future? Do they want to get married? What are their short and long term goals? In a nutshell, all of those questions should be addressed in the beginning so that there are no surprises and everyone can work towards the same common goals at hand. Be honest and understand that people do change over time but as long as you’re upfront in the beginning, the progression and growth towards other happenings will be visible.

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