Lust and. love are hard to differentiate at first, but the biggest difference between the two staying power is that Lust is all about the present moment while Love is about the present moment AND the future.

The attention you receive, the fun you have together, and the butterflies. Ultimately, lust fades. Sometimes it fades into a breakup, and other times, it can transform into love. Love is all about wanting to have this person by your side through thick and thin, and experiencing the journey together.

Here are two out of the 5 things that help you tell if it is lust or love, while the other three will be taken care of in part 2 of this article:

1. How perfect you think your partner is.

If you are in Lust: You think your partner is perfect. You think nothing is wrong with them. Everything about them is shiny, bright, and new. They can’t do anything really wrong in your eyes because the pedestal you put them on is that big.

If you are in Love: You know your partner is not perfect—and you choose to love them and be with them anyway. In fact, it’s your partner’s imperfections that you cherish the most. You know you aren’t perfect, so you value and welcome your partner’s flaws.

2. How much care you put into your appearance.

If you are in Lust: You dress up each and every time you see your sweetie because your physical attraction to one another is huge. You are obsessed with looking your best for them because you still feel like you need to impress and entice them.

If you are in Love: You wear sweatpants and no makeup. You do not care how you look in front of your partner because you know that they like and care for the real you—whether you are wearing a bold lip or zit cream. Your level of comfort with one another is that strong.

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