Nigeria Shall Be Great Again Part 8

Nigeria Shall Be Great Again Part 8

This is the final part and I am of the opinion that, I have been able to convince every Nigerian that, each federating state has at least a mineral resource to contribute to the Nigeria's economic greatness.

Another area of Nigeria's greatness is her population size, which constitutes her market force. Nigeria is densely populated with over 200 million people. The current population of Nigeria is 202,027,731 as of Sunday, September 15, 2019, based on the latest United Nations estimates. Nigeria population is equivalent to 2.61% of the total world population. The two densely populated states based on estimate are Kano and Lagos States. Meanwhile, census was last done in Nigeria in March 2006.

The third area of Nigeria's greatness is in her cultural heritage. Nigeria has 774 Local Government Areas with diverse culture. If these diverse culture are recognized and brought to the limelight, they could socioeconomically drive the Tourism industry.

The only challenge confronting Nigeria is political leadership. Nigeria is still struggling in getting the right crop of political leaders that can galvanize the country to her greatness. Due to this Development, Nigeria has ended up having a weak domestic and foreign policies. Today, Nigeria exports Crude oil and import its bye products, illegal mining of most of our mineral resources at the expense of our country, etc.

From the above, I can boldly say that, Nigeria's greatness lies on her unity in diversity via true Federalism. Nigeria shall only be great again when the political class is willing to restructure Nigeria under True Federalism, with the aim of making states autonomous over her resources, but made to pay taxes to the Federal Government.

This article was written and posted by Tariah Douglas.

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