11 controversial Marriage questions Part 1 I 1

11 controversial Marriage questions Part 1 I 1

These are the last 4 controversial questions most couples do encounter:

1. Can You Still Go Out of Town Without Your Spouse?
Should you be going on girls’ and guys’ trips without your spouse? Should you be going to social events out of town without your wife or husband by your side? Some say for sure, while others don’t like it.
2. How Much Sex Should Be Expected?
Some people say if you get married, sex should be on the table at any time, while others say it’s unreasonable to expect sex numerous times during a week because of work, kids, responsibilities, and just being tired.
3. Is It Okay to Have a “Work Wife” or “Work Husband?” or Is It Out of Bounds?
This is also important since working couple spend an average of 8 hours per day of their time in the office.
4. How Much About Marital Issues Should You Share with Family or Friends?
Some people think it is okay to vent to parents, siblings, or friends about strife going on in the marriage, while others say everything that happens in the marriage should stay between the husband and wife “only.” This one causes all kinds of arguments among couples.

This article was written and posted by Troy Spry & Tariah Douglas respectively

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