11 controversial Marriage questions Part 1

11 controversial Marriage questions Part 1

There are 11 controversial questions that consistently come up among couples that require effective marriage communication around the world. Communicating expectations is the key to every marriage. Each couple may see these things differently, but the compromise will only happen through clear communication.
This article will be in three folds namely Part 1, 2 and 3 due to space and for better understanding of my highly esteemed audience. Part 1 will address 3 questions, Part II will be for 4 questions, while Part III will dwell on 4 questions.

1. Can You Still Be Friends with the Opposite Sex?
Some will say yes because many friendships are platonic, while others will say no because it’s a setup for infidelity or it’s disrespectful to one’s spouse. It is always safe setting boundary to avert the unknown.
2. How Much Time Should You Spend with Your Single Friends?
Some will say single friends are nothing but trouble for married people because of the season they are in and their undue influence. Others will say it doesn’t matter because friendships shouldn’t have to end once someone gets married. This has to be discussed also for a compromise.
3. Should You Tone Down Your Sexy?
Some say if I work for it (or bought it), I earned the right to show off all my sexy. Others say when you become a wife or husband, you should tone it down, so as to not get that kind of attention. This also need to be effectively communicated among couples.

This article was written and posted by Troy Spry & Tariah Douglas respectively

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