Tips for Successful 2nd Marriage After Divorce 1

Tips for Successful 2nd Marriage After Divorce 1

If you are thinking about remarrying your former spouse, here are fifteen (15) tips to improve your chances of having a successful second marriage to one another:

1. Getting back together just for the sake of the kids is a bad idea. Get back together because you love (and like) one another and want to be together again.

2. If you do have children, do not let them know the two of you are dating one another again for a while. They could get their hopes up that the two of you will reconcile and this could put more pressure on you to do so even if things are not going as well between the two of you, as you would like.

3. See a marriage counsellor. You must learn from your own marital history or the two of you are doomed to repeat it. Unresolved and unfinished business will resurface the second time around.

4. Honestly look at what caused your divorce. If it was an issue with finances, be clear on how you will spend money. If it was about parenting issues, work this conflict out first. If it was due to infidelity, be sure to process this, forgive, and rebuild trust.

5. Admit to your role and responsibility in what went wrong in your first marriage to one another. If you can't readily do this, you will continue to struggle in this or any marriage.

6. Take a marriage workshop or course together.

7. Keep things completely honest between the two of you. No game playing. No mind reading attempts. No unspoken expectations. Share with one another your expectations, hopes, and dreams.

8. It is important to recognize that the first marriage is dead. As hard as this may be, do not let that ghost hurt your new marriage.

The rest of the tips will be featuring in our Part II series.

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