The Lazy Rabbit

The Lazy Rabbit

There lived a rabbit called Samire who lived in a kingdom where all the animals had no tails or feathers except Samire who had a very tiny tail!
The Peacock was Samire's bestie. One day, the king announced that they would be going the next day to an animal kingdom where animal tails were sold, to buy tails for all the animals.

All the animals were excited and prepared for the great day. Samire didn't believe, but all the same, he told the chimpanzee to bring his for him.
On the D-day, all the animals prepared and went to the animal kingdom to get their lovely tails and feathers, which they soon returned with. The peacock flaunted hers in a lovely manner but when Samire asked the chimpanzee where his tail was, the chimpanzee replied
"There is no tail for a lazy rabbit like you."

This, the rabbit lived to regret ever after.

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