Fernizard and the Lake goddess

Fernizard and the Lake goddess

One day, Fernizard went out to fish out sea creatures in a lake called Lake Harbour. He and his crew rode and rode until he noticed something strange:;- the drops of water on their oars turned into diamonds! Out of curiosity, they selected a candidate to check what was happening and that was Fernizard. He found himself under a lake where he saw green grasses everywhere and goats feeding on them. He then received a gentle tap-- It was Jokinam, the goddess of water
Jokinam liked Fernizard hence, she made him a herdsman to the goats instead of killing him. Meanwhile, the sailors up, up above had gone home to spread the news of Fernizard's disappearance or possible death.
One day, Fernizard went home after swearing an oath to Jokinam that he won't expose where he had been before now. Though, he kept his word to some extent but one day, he went to a party at a place called Deninburg, where he drank himself to stupor and started boasting that he had been the herdsman of the Goddess of the waters' goats......but at once, he fell down and died!

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