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PageCarton is an innovative tool that makes publishing web sites and apps easy, fast and secure. PageCarton is designed for use to build any kind of sites or apps: ecommerce, personal, corporate or blog. It is loved by CEOs, Designers, Programmers and adventurers.

PageCarton is free and based on opensource software. Users would have needed to host/install PageCarton on their own web server, then we figured we can make using PageCarton even easier by giving the option of using a ready-hosted PageCarton. PageCarton.com helps users around the world to use the functionalities of PageCarton without having to install/host their own software.

The PageCarton started out as a website project in 2011. It's really a pain for programmers to have to write the same codes over and over again whenever they have new projects. So, PC was founded to help "contain" some of the most used tools needed in creating standard websites.

PageCarton was founded by Ayoola Falola, it evolved as the GUI of what he named "Ayoola Framework" in 2012.

PageCarton is written with 70%PHP, 10%HTML, 10% JavaScript and 10% CSS. PageCarton is as-well cross-platform compatible as it is built to work on all OS.

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