The Maize Plant

The Maize Plant

Maize,also known as corn,is a member of the grass family , Gramineae.
It is a cereal crop which produces grains that can be used as food by human beings as well as livestock.
The different varieties of maize include the following:
the dent corn ,flint corn,flour corn , pop corn ,sweet corn and pod corn.
Corn requires a temperature of 26 degree centigrade to 30 degree centigrade,rainfall of between 75cm - 150 cm per annum and a well drained sandy loam soil of PH 6-7.
The early Maize is planted around March/April and late maize is July/August.
The quantity of seeds required to plant one hectare of land is 25kg - 30kg per hectare and 1 or 2 seeds are recommended per hole.
Spacing is very important as planting close together can impede the growth of the corn plant.
A spacing of 90cm by 30cm is appropriate.Planting can be done manually using cutlass or mechanically with planter at around 3cm to 4cm depth.
Usually,germination of maize begins to occur seven day s after planting.
It takes up to two to three months for wet maize to be harvested while it takes the dry maize three to four months to be harvested after planting.

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