4 Tips To Overcome Procastination Faster

4 Tips To Overcome Procastination Faster

So how can we help you to procrastinate less? Here are 4 tips that can help:

1. Do the task for just a few minutes – Not only do procrastinators spend longer distracting themselves doing the ‘wrong things’ but they also delay starting the ‘right’ things.
To combat this, You have to use Starting a task is often the hardest part. If you can persuade someone just to start it for a few minutes, the brain's desire to see it through to completion should then take over. The Zierganick effect, which describes how once you start something, your brain remains alert until you finish it.

2. Do the hard and important tasks first – The harder the tasks are, the more energy and concentration we need to complete them. It therefore makes sense to do the hardest and most important tasks first because trying to start them when you are tired is difficult, often resulting in people putting them off for another day.

3. Set yourself a short deadline –it has long been observed that the further away an event is, the less impact it has on people's decisions.’ Break down the task and give yourself a short deadline for each part.

4. Increase confidence and self-belief – Students who believe that they won’t be successful at the task at hand are more likely to procrastinate. One way to increase their confidence is to highlight how others who have been in a similar position have been successful (psychologists call this ‘modelling’). This can make the task at hand seem achievable and provide a possible template to follow

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