Your temperament is a permanent psychological nature determining how you think, feel, and interact. It reflects decisions and behavior, so knowing your abilities and characteristics could help to benefit from them.

Four fundamental personality types exist, and they are as follows:


where the first two belong to extroverts while the last two are considered introverts. Most of us are a blend of two temperaments (ambivert) but one dominates the other anyway, especially if you have an �extrovert-introvert� combination.

Sanguine (Successful):

Sanguines are an easy-going, flexible, and dynamic person, task-oriented and no slouch at critical thinking.

What are your main strengths at work?
You are self-confident, taking no offense at critical remarks.
You have superb interpersonal skills and positive attitude to get on well with peers and clients.
You are cool-headed and productive, but you lose motivation and interest in work when it becomes humdrum or doesn�t require any defined responsibilities.
Careers perfect for sanguines: sales, PR, customer service, marketing, travel, sports, and entertainment.

How to work smarter if you are sanguine?
Don�t torture yourself with hackwork.
Become an efficient time manager: don�t overset or procrastinate.
Combine routine and dynamic tasks to stay productive.
Be proactive. Participate in social discussions.
Take advantage of your sociability: be flexible when it goes to conflict negotiations.

Choleric (Assertive)
The most ambitious of all the temperaments, cholerics are competitive, goal-oriented, motivational, and often climbing into positions of leadership. A perfect example of a choleric manager is Steve Jobs.

Belonging to this type, you are practical, logical, analytical, and straightforward.

What are your main strengths at work?
You are full of energy and have strong leadership skills.
You start new projects with passion.
You are persuasive and attractive.
Don�t let impulsion and irascibility rule your decisions and behavior. Try to be more caring and sympathetic: insistence is great, but don�t forget about tactfulness.

Careers perfect for cholerics: business, law, technology, security, management, engineering, and statistics.

How to work smarter if you are choleric?
Solution-oriented, lead projects from A to Z.
Take short breaks during a day to calm down your temper.
Cholerics can�t stand boredom, so try to get emotionally involved with every task.
Work with people who have similar professional interests.

Phlegmatic (Cool-headed)
Relaxed phlegmatics live in harmony with others. Top characteristics of this temperament are self-control, patience, fixity of habits, and high effectiveness.

What are your main strengths at work?
Phlegmatics are the most productive employees.
When it comes to tough stuff, you are steady and cool-headed.
Not so fast at decision-making as cholerics, you do stay the course.
You are a team player, curious and fair.
Careers perfect for phlegmatics: nursing, education, psychology, office work, assistant roles, human or social services.

How to work smarter if you are phlegmatic?
Start working on a project in advance.
Better solve one critical problem than spend energy on multitasking.
Avoid procrastination and inactivity.
Learn to speak for your opinion and discontent in public.

Melancholic (Dreamy)
The last but not least, a melancholic temperament type belongs to diligent and accurate introverted individuals, thoughtful loners and analytical thinkers.

Task-oriented, they better work alone or in small groups. Melancholics don�t like when someone interrupts or distracts them, so they often choose careers allowing to show their creative side with less publicity and no rush.

What are your main strengths at work?
You have strong analytical skills and intuition.
You are tactful, and you are okay with routine work.
Your strong problem-solving skills make you a great adviser.
You are wise and creative.
You are a classy organizer.
Careers perfect for melancholics: research, art, science, accounting, administration, and social work.

How to work smarter if you are melancholic?
Organize a workspace properly. Nothing should distract you.
Do work in pieces.
Don�t procrastinate, prevent yourself from stresses before deadlines.
When it goes to criticism, try to work out objectifying attitude.
Take advantage of your detail-oriented nature: struggle with indecision and perfectionism.

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