How To Draw Your Brows 101

How To Draw Your Brows 101

Primer will prevent your makeup from smudging and help it to last longer. This is extremely important when trying to maintain the illusion of natural eyebrows on bare skin.

How To Draw Your Brows
-Sponge on a light layer of foundation.
-Follow up by adding concealer to any problem areas you want to cover up.
-Blend well with a makeup sponge or your fingertips.
-Many people use only bronzer or only blush, but if you use both start with the bronzer.
-Once these elements are ready, you can move on to drawing your brows.
-Using an eye pencil or a brow gel,draw your brows not leaving out the arc
-Then use tweezers to brush the brows into perfect shape
-Finally,get a concealer and a brush to smoothen the brows

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