The Poultry House Management Systems

The Poultry House Management Systems

The poultry house management system is the shelter system that defines the extent to which birds are exposed to sunshine, pasture, and housing pattern.

Generally, we have three system of poultry management.

They are:

(1) The Intensive System

(2) The Semi-intensive System

(3) The Extensive System


Under the Intensive system, the farmer confines the birds within the building or cage. This means that there is a tight restriction of the birds. The deep litter system and the battery cage system are typical examples of the Intensive system.


In the semi-intensive system, a poultry keeper requires a permanent house, often a converted barn, or farm building. In addition, a poultry farmer can employ the use of movable folds. However, there is access to plots of grazing areas that the poultry fowls can be released to intermittently. This means that some section of the poultry birds have access to each plot in turn, while the other is in shelter, depending on the amount of land available. A good example of the semi-intensive system is the fold unit system.


Under the extensive system of poultry management, the domestic fowls are allowed to roam about in search of food and water. There are no proper housing, care and feeding for these birds. A typical example of the extensive system is the Free-range system.

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