3 strange words and their meaning

3 strange words and their meaning


1. Lackadaisical (ˌlakəˈdeɪzɪk(ə)l)
How about if you want to describe that someone’s lazy and has no enthusiasm or determination?
Lackadaisical (adjective) would be perfect in this situation!

It’s been in use since the 1700’s, although where it came from isn’t clear.
For example,
“My sister has no job and is doing nothing to find one. She is so lackadaisical.”

2.Curmudgeon (kəːˈmʌdʒ(ə)n)
Are you trying to find just the right word for someone who’s very bad-tempered and grumpy? Curmudgeon (noun) might be just the word that you’re looking for!
Dating back to at least the 16th century, this word has been used for a long time.
If you hear someone say,
“I don’t like our English teacher … he is a real curmudgeon!”
you can agree (or hopefully disagree!) and know what it means.

3 Flummox (ˈflʌməks)
If you’re now feeling very discombobulated you are also flummoxed (adjective)!
To flummox a person (verb) means to confuse them a lot.
It came into the English language in the middle of the 19th century. It was taken from dialects used in some parts of the UK.

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To flummox a person (verb) means