Manure ; The different types

 Manure ; The different types

The manure are organic fertilizer,refers to any material prepared from plants and animals which improves soil fertility. Fertilizer are organic or inorganic,that increases soil fertility.Organic manure include the green manure,farmyard manure and the compost manure.
1.The Green manure: This type of manure is prepared by planting selected crops(green manure crops)and when the crops are still very green and young,they are buried in the soil. The crops are buried when they are still very young because if allowed to produce seeds,the tissues will become fibrous and they will not decay or decompose easily. Crops used as green manure should be capable of growing very rapidly producing many Lea es and should retain their leaves during the dry season. Mucuna and Cowpea are typical plants that fit this features.

2. Farmyard manure : This is the mixture of animal dung, droppings and litters. The composition of the manure depends on the type of animal ,age and the litter used. Poultry manure is usually considered the richest of the livestock manure because of its high concentration of nitrogen and little percentage of indigestible fibres,followed by the goats,pigs and cattles. farmyard manure improves the organic matter and humus content of the soil.However,farmyard manure releases the nutrients into the soil,rather,slowly, and thus if applied to the soil,it should be left for a few days before planting is due.

3.Compost manure :The manure can be referred to as the decayed residue of mainly plant materials(may also include animal matter) stored in heaps before applying it to the soil. Compost manure consists of  vegetable wastes,grasses,weeds,dead plant leaves,straws,sawdust ashes,domestic wastes and animal dung which may be added to initiate the decomposition process.

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