7 Best Ways To Improve Your Personal Reputation

7 Best Ways To Improve Your Personal Reputation

Below are several tips to winning favor and establishing a good Reputation for your career, business and Relationship.

1. Add Value
Adding value to your colleagues' and clients' work will deepen your relationship with them, as well as solidify you as a knowledgeable person in certain areas.

2. Be A Person Of Integrity
If I’m known as a person of integrity in my network, I’d consider my life well spent. If clients trust me for what I say or do, half my battles are already won.

3. Listen
Listening communicates “I want to hear what is on your mind. If this is important to you, then it is important to me." You put your agenda on hold, minimize distractions, and check your ego

4. Become A Problem Solver
In addition to completing your assigned tasks, constantly look for important problems to solve. The more you can go above and beyond to help the company achieve great things, the better off you will be.

5. Know Your Subject Matter Inside Out
Know your product, your clients' product, and your company inside out so you can be seen as the subject matter expert in your area of expertise. No amount of EQ, IQ or charisma will save you if you can't be the trusted

6. Tackle something without being asked
One of the best ways to gain the gratitude of your supervisor is showing initiative. "So many people get into a new job and think their supervisors are going to say, 'This is exactly what I expect you to do

7. Offer opinions with tact
You've been hired because your boss and others at the company saw promise in you and your skills. Your opinion is valuable to the organization's growth and future. However, remember to offer it gently and with respect. "Blurting out things as if you're a seasoned consultant isn't the best approach.

SOURCE; https://www.forbes.com

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