Facts about mosquitoes

Facts about mosquitoes

1. Mosquitoes are said to bite but they don’t have teeth. They pierce the skin with seperated proboscis.

2. Female mosquitoes are capable of laying up to 300 eggs in one go. These eggs need just about an inch of standing water to hatch.

3. The first 10 days in the life of mosquitoes are spent in water, transforming from egg, to larvae, to wrigglers, pupae and then into adult mosquito.

4. Male mosquitoes have a short life span of less than or equal to 10 days while female mosquito can live for 2 months. The females of species that hibernate can live up to 6 months.

5. The females can beat their wings for up to 500 times per second.

6. The female mosquito can fly very far, very fast or very high to find her meal source.

7. Mosquitoes are capable of smelling human breath by aid of receptors located on their antennae which detect the CO2 released when we exhale. This helps them find their meal source.

8. The smell of sweat on your skin generally tells the mosquito to choose you. Mosquitoes love octenol, a chemical released in the sweat; they are also attracted to cholesterol, folic acid, certain bacteria, skin lotions and perfumes

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The smell of ------ on your skin generally tells the mosquito to choose you