All about Tractor; Its Advantage and Uses

All about Tractor; Its  Advantage and Uses

Before the use of machine power on the farm, we had animal power.
Work animals were used to pull heavy farm implements that human cannot operate themselves. Some of the animals like the bull, the donkey, and horse were used for various farm operations. These farm operations include ploughing, harrowing, planting, to mention a few. Some of these farm animals were also used for the transportation of farm produce within the farm and to the market.
However, there were disadvantages associated with the use of animals to do work on farm. Some of these disadvantages include these animals coming under the attack of diseases, the animals easily getting tired, huge cost of taking care of these animals, and so on and so forth.
Then, we had technological advancement that ushered in the powerful machine called the tractor.

The tractor is a powerful multi-purpose motor vehicle that is used on most large, commercial farms.
Though not common, the tractor can also be used by a farmer practicing subsistence agriculture. This could be as a result of the expensive nature of the tractor.
This farm machine can be used for lifting or pulling along some heavy farm implements that their usage is very important on the farm. These heavy farm implements usually pulled by the tractor include the plough, harrow, ridger, planter, etc.
The tractor makes use of the P.T.O. This means power-take-off shaft. The tractor makes use of the P.T.O shaft to draw farm implements. The tractor also has a hydraulic control system to lift mounted implements under the control of the tractor operator. It can also be used as a stationery power source for equipment like shellers, threshers, grinders, etc. The tractor consists of an internal combustion engine that makes use of diesel or petrol without spark plugs.

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