The Aladdin Movie

The Aladdin Movie

Aladdin is a 2019 American film directed by Guy Ritchie, and co-written with John August.
Aladdin is produced by Walt Disney Pictures. Aladdin film is a live action remake of Disney's 1993 film of the same name.
The movie stars Mena Massoud who plays the titular role, alongside Will Smith, Naomi Scott,Marwan Kenzari, Navid Negahban, Nasim Pedrad, etc in lead roles.
Aladdin,a young street urchin, owned a kleptomaniac pet monkey called Abu.
Aladdin falls in love with Jasmine,the princess of Agrabah. However,the Princess is set to marry a Prince chosen for her by her Sultan Father.
When Aladdin and Abu find a magic lamp in the cave of wonder that contain a Genie,they must protect it from the wicked vizier,Jafar and his loyal parrot,Iago,who both want to rule Agrabah with the Genie's wishes and powers.
Will Smith plays the Genie who has the power to grant three wishes to whoever possesses the magical lamp he is in.
The source of the lamp is the cave of wonders.It is a sand guardian that resembles a form of giant head of a tiger who has been tasked to protect the magic lamp from intruders and give it to those who are worthy.
Aladdin,a musical fantasy film,is distributed by Walt Disney Studios and Motion Pictures and was released in theatres in the U.S on May 24,2019.

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The Aladdin is a 2019....film directed by Guy Ritchie