The Cassava Plant

The Cassava Plant

Cassava is a hardy, resilient and a versatile crop plant. Specifically, we can describe the cassava plant as a shrub usually 2 metre to 2.5 metre in height, with a short brittle stem and high in pith contents.
Its edible root is dark-brownish in colour, thick, fleshy and starchy in nature. Its root usually divides into several partially separate tubers that grow to lengths of 1 metre or more.

The two main species widely grown in Nigeria are the sweet cassava known as manihot utilessima and the bitter cassava known as manihot palmate.
High yields, food qualities, disease-resistant quality are important considerations when selecting cassava varieties for cultivation.
Cassava thrives well in a well-drained, rich, friable loamy soil. However, this starchy plant can thrive in poor sandy soil.
This quality explains its wide distribution across Nigeria. It thrives well in most of the soil types found in Nigeria.

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