Guys! How to prepare for your first date

Guys! How to prepare for your first date

This is a short and interesting read for guys, and it has to do with preparing for that very first with a Lady you are meeting for the first time. We won't delay and go straight into action:

1. Choose the right Location:
Honestly, guys, this might not look so important to most guys but it is actually the most fundamental thing. Pick a location that suits both of you, not just one of you, both of you.
You are taking her on a date right? which means you like her. So definitely, you would want a place with little or no distraction and probably a place with soft music. You can't take her to a place where it's crowded and expect her full attention.

2. Prepare Engaging and Mature Conversation:
In case you do not know guys, Ladies love mature minded guys. This doesn't have to do with age, but with the way you talk and the kind of conversation you bring up. Don't go ahead and start asking her about primary school and the color of her pillow.
Everyone and I mean everyone enjoys talking about themselves. By asking your date questions about them (and continuing the dialogue with your own thoughts when there's an opening) you're showing that you're interested in them.

3. Get your Mind Prepared:
Most guys fail at this a whole lot. You can't be going on a date and leave 5min to the actual time unless you are probably not interested in the lady or you are sure she would be running late. It's always nice to be there latest 5 min before the actual time. That way your mind is more relaxed and all the tension would subside, thus getting you prepared for the rest of the date.

4. Get the right outfit
Guys!!! always get the right outfit, very important. Don't go on your first date with a lady and be looking tattered or uncomfortable with what you are wearing. You don't need to get the most expensive outfit or flashy outfit. Simplicity is key.

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