The 5 Real Truth Why You are Still Unemployed

The 5 Real Truth Why You are Still Unemployed

Unemployment is a very serious issue complained by many unemployed people in today’s consuming world. With the population constantly increasing and the number of jobs available very low, It is Important that the Truth about Unemployment by Young people be discuss so as to make them Understand what the Employers want and How They can fit in to get Jobs as Quick as possible..

Here are the major reason why you are Unemployed:

1. Lack Of Skill : Every employer is looking for people who can help improve their business. No matter how big the company is today, they're still on the search for reputable and skillful employees that they can recruit to help them solve their problem and meet the company goals. In this days,It is important you acquire a skill. A skill can be ; Digital marketing, programming, marketing, Animation or any endeavor you know you love and will be able to do joyfully in a professional way.

2. You Don't Understand Your Progress: Know Your Progress and how good you are in your skill before applying for any job. Ensure you are confident and you can defend your capacity base on the skill you have mastered.

3. Poor Communication: Communicate your Skill and profession with boldness and without anxiety. Employers won't eat you. they are looking for confident people that can speak their profession.

4. Lack of Self Worth: The more skillful you are, the more confident you become,but many people don;t know that. If you have a good skill, people will always value you. Understand that you are the boss of your life and you are getting a job because you want to work hand-in-hand with the company to achieve it's goal.

5. Never Networked: You won't get a Job by sitting in one place. you need to know which company needs your skills and where they are then go for it.

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