TRIGEDASLENG(The Tree Language)

TRIGEDASLENG(The Tree Language)

Trigedasleng is a constructed language (conlang) developed by David J. Peterson for use on the CW show The 100.

When David J. Peterson developed Trigedasleng, he devised a phonetic writing system to use in the show's scripts and to better reflect the changes from Modern English to Trigedasleng. For example, the first person personal pronoun "I" retains the same pronunciation in Trigedasleng, but is spelled "ai" in the scripts.

This writing system, however, is not used in-world; the Grounders are no longer literate and have no writing system. Trigedasleng underwent extreme phonological simplification during its descent from English, resulting in numerous homonyms. For example, sis has several meanings depending on its context.

Examples are:
1) Our fight isn't over: Oso gonplei nou ste odon.
2) Blood must have blood!: Jus drein jus daun.
3) The dead are gone: Stedaunon don gon
4) Stay strong: Ste yuj
5)Get knocked down:Ge smak daun
6)Get back up: gyon op nodotaim.
7)We fight together: Oso throu daun ogeda.
8)Love is weakness: Hodnes laik kwelnes.
9)I love you: Ai hod yu in.
10)Goodbye: Leidon.
11)All for all of us: Omon gon oson

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