Tech trends in 2019

Tech trends in 2019

Even as new technologies are developed, innovation around the application of existing technology is rapidly changing how organisations operate and how we interact with the world. Leaps in computing capacity, data capture and connectivity are accelerating this change. Here are five areas to watch in 2019 and beyond…

Artificial intelligence

AI is about machines with human attributes - speaking, reading, seeing and even recognising emotion - completing tasks while also "learning" from repeated interactions. Using algorithms that adapt to location, speech or user-history machines can perform tasks that are dangerous or tedious, more accurately or much faster than humans.

Internet of Things

Gartner calls the combination of technologies and the connection of people, devices, content and services the "intelligent digital mesh." This is the foundation for new business models, platforms and possibilities that will transform how we live and work with implications that go far beyond the technology itself and involve disciplines such as law, economics, business and politics.


Robots in manufacturing go back to the 1960s. Now it's the scale and breadth of the transformation that automated systems make possible, as a result of other advances in machine learning and connectivity, for example, that puts automation firmly at the forefront of technology trends. From convenient devices at home to industrial applications on a massive scale, automation will be a key focus of technological change, with potentially far-reaching economic and social consequences.

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