Foods That Cause Cancer 3

Foods That Cause Cancer 3

1. Hydrogenated oils
When oils cannot be extracted naturally from their source, they become hydrogenated by the required chemical processing. A good example is vegetable oils. They are not only chemically processed but also colored. Their natural scent is also removed from them. Sure the product in the end looks nice, but you should stay away from it because it contains unhealthy omega-6 fats. It’s unfortunate that most goods that are baked and commercialized as well as snacks have been made with these hydrogenated oils. The better option is to go for naturally extracted oils such as olive oil, canola or soy for home cooking and also stop buying cakes and cookies from stores. Make them by yourself instead.

2. Artificial sweeteners
People like to choose them over sugar but these are actually not safe. They make your body unable to recognize your daily calorie consumption accurately and will make you crave more sweets. Aspartame is the worst when it comes to the list of cancer-causing chemicals, even though the rest of the sweeteners are also not a good option for you. They all break down into a toxin known as DKP during digestion. Because of these, sweeteners have been linked to brain tumors. So if you really prefer a sweetener, go for a plant-based one such as Stevia. Otherwise, just use real sugar but limit the amount you use.

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