Calabar is a port city in southern Nigeria, near the Cameroon border. The capital of Cross River State, it sits on a hill near the Calabar River and the Cross River delta. British colonial architecture fills the city’s older sections, including Henshaw Town, Duke Town and the waterfront area. Dating from the 19th century, Duke Town Cathedral is one of Nigeria’s oldest churches. The nearby cemetery offers river views.
Area: 406 km²
Elevation: 32 m
Local time: Monday 4:28 pm
Weather: 30°C, Wind S at 10 km/h, 73% Humidity

With its numerous tourist attractions and hospitable culture of the Calabar locals, Calabar lives up to its name, Come and Live and Be At Rest.

Tourist Attractions in Calabar.
1. The National Museum, Calabar. ...
2.Slave Museum. ...
3.Drill Rehabilitation Center. ...
4.Cross River National Park. ...
5.Kwa Waterfalls. ...
6.Chief Ekpo Bassey's House. ...
7.Mary Slessor's House.

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