How to use onion for hair growth

How to use onion for hair growth

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Onion is a magical plant. This vegetable is not only great for your overall body health but also can work well for your hair. Learn how to use onion for hair growth, and you will explore all the awesome benefits of onions.
Is onion good for hair growth? Let us look at the positive effect it offers in real life:

1 Healthier follicles – human hair that loses its shine and brightness has ill follicles. Onions contain many useful elements, including sulfur which is important for regenerating follicles and bringing life and power into them.
2 Stronger hair – when your follicles and hair are enriched with sulfur, your hair would become much stronger. Using onions for treating it can minimize the breaks and solve the thinning problem.
3 Graying delay – because onions are rich on antioxidants, you can achieve a nice and healthier effect if you use its juice for your hair treatment. Regular procedures can even help to delay the graying age problems.
4 Dandruff treatment – different vegetables, including onions, are capable of helping our bodies to fight bacteria. The antibacterial properties of onion masks and juice can make human scalp healthier and, as a result, you will get rid of the dandruff issue.
5 Improved growth – antioxidants' level grows when you treat your hair with onion vitamins, and the growing cycle can be optimized with time and hair growth improves if you continue regular treatment procedures.

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Is onion good for hair growth?