Note: several cockatoo species are commonly kept as pets. But those members of parrot family are not the easiest bird to care for.
While they spot very attractive plumage, they need lot of attention and can be quite noisy.

Here we are going to discuss about the top ten pet cockatoo species and they include:

1). Bared eyed cockatoo: these birds are smaller than many cockatoo species. Making them a good options for family and children and those who lack the space to accommodate a large parrot.

2). Black palm cockatoo: black palm cockatoo are large powerful birds that require a caretaker with ample parrot experience. These are bold parrot that require a bold owners who aren't intimidated by that massive beak

3). Citron cockatoo: they are quieter than most cockatoo species. However they love big personalities and love to play and interact with their caretakers
A Citron cockatoo will want to be by your side all day long. So be prepared to spend several hours per day with this bird

4). Sulphur crested cockatoo: Sulphur crested cockatoo are highly intelligent and need plenty space to play

5). Goffin cockatoos: They require as much as daily socialization as possible For their emotional health. These birds cannot thrive if they are neglected and will resort to destructive behaviors if their social needs aren't met
They are recommended for people who have experience with large parrots

Other cockatoo species include:
6) Major Mitchell's cockatoo
7) Moluccan cockatoo
8) Rose - Breasted cockatoo
9) Umbrella cockatoo
10) Slender billed cockatoo: they are founded in Australia

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