Nightingale is an European songbird better known for it's mellifluous voice and timid nature.
The elusive and romantic bird is believed to be the long distant migrant kin of Robin
Basically found in Forest and wood land of Europe and Asia. The nightsongstress as the bird is usually referred to is small in size and browned coloured with red rufous tail
The birds are not easy to find because of it's reticent nature. But it can be held singing at all times of the day. It's strong and varied song, with high- pitched notes has been regarded for centuries, throughout Europe and Asia, as the most beautiful of all song birds.
Nightingale love to feed on fruits, seeds and insects

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum:. Chordata
Class:. Aves
Order:. Passeriformes
Family:. Muscicapidae
Subfamily:. Saxicolini
Spies:. L. Megarhynchos

The amazing inflammation includes:

1). The Nightingale means songstress. Tough the female bird is often accredited with all the singing but in reality the male Nightingale doles out those high throated mellifluous chrips that we love to hear

2). The Nightingale could produce two notes i.e whistle and non whistle songs

3). The colour of the bird egg is deep olive. It usually lays 5 to 6 eggs at a time

4). Nightingales tend to prefer lowlying dense woodland during the spring and in winter they are found in the savanna
When not mating, they are usually found alone

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Nightingales are better known for it's ______ and timid nature