What the date 20/10 /2020 means for all of us

What the date 20/10 /2020 means for all of us

This year 2020 has proven to be year to remember, a year that will forever go down in history as a year of consistent occurrence of bad events and sad tales
It started with the COVID-19 pandemic which led to a global lockdown of every major cities and countries of the world

But on the side of our country Nigeria there's another dimension to the consistent occurrence of bad events, the date 20/10 /2020 which we all can never forget, that has been a torn in our flesh and has opened the eyes of the youths and the general public as to which kind of rule and leadership we're under.

The EndSars and EndPoliceBrutality protests is the major event that has happened in Nigeria as far as this year is concerned, and why the date 20/10 /2020 is a special day for us is because we lost our brothers and sisters, real soldiers who were out on the streets crying on top of their voices unto the government for a better Nigeria and a fair and accountable government where all man is equal before the law, no tribalism, no nepotism, no favoritism
We lost our youths to a senseless and dictatorship government who has no regards for human life whatsoever. May the soul of our fallen soldiers rest in peace, and their fight for freedom will never be in vain.

Note : All questions are related to all that happened during the EndSars protest

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