5 things you should never beg a girl for

5 things you should never beg a girl for

In as much as society has reduced masculinity to nothing and making us put the needs and feelings of a woman before ours, it is still worth noting that a man is supposed to put himself and his purpose first and disregard everything that society has been telling him right from birth.

1 Never beg a girl for attention

Begging a girl for her attention reduces her attraction towards you, if a girl is acting distant, don't chase her, trust me.

2 Never beg a girl for care

Because the time you use in begging for her care is what you're supposed to use in pursing your goals in life, use your energy and time wisely.

3 Never beg a girl for her time

A girl expects you to be busy with your grind, that you don't even have time to beg her for anything

4 Never beg a girl for affection and love

Never beg a girl to love you. Society has made us to believe that we're supposed to chase women but in the end women will always choose.

5 Never beg a girl for sex

One thing guys fail to understand is that girls are turned on by guys who have their life together, who are busy making their lives better and not the lazy guy

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