The classification of musical instruments can be classified into 4 groups namely:

1) STRING FAMILY: String instruments or chordophones instruments that make a vibration generated sound when their strings are plucked. When a string is stretched it start to vibrate, making the resonator amplify the picked vibrations.
Consequently an appealing sound is produced. The string family include instruments like: violin, viola, double bass, cello, harp and guitar (electric and acoustic)

2) BRASS FAMILY: Brass instruments or aerophones are instruments which produce sound as a result of displacement of air column in Brass tubes when air is blown into them.
Pitch of generated sound can swiftly be adjusted by various valves on the instrument.
The brass family include instruments like: trumpet, tuba, cornet, euphonium etc.

3) WOODWIND FAMILY: Woodwind instruments are instruments which replicate the sound of wind
These instruments allow air to be blown into Reed which in turn creates vibrations, generating wind like sound.
The woodwind family include instruments like: flute, clarinet, piccolo, bass clarinet, contra bassoon etc

4) PERCUSSION FAMILY: The percussion instruments are instruments that generate sound as an outcome of vibrating a hard surface
The percussion instruments are divided into two categories: solidbased and membrane based
Solid based instruments are those that produce a sound as a result of vibration of a solid material. These include instruments like: cymbals and costanets

Membrane instruments are those that produce sound as a result of stretching or vibrating the membrane or skin of an instrument.
These include instruments like: tabla and kazoos

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