Elements of design organisation of tools which help the Artists to produce good works of Arts. Tools components of Arts and without them, the creative artist will be fighting with his creative tendencies.

Elements of design includes the following components;

1 line; line it in as an extension of dot off any Direction on the surface. It possesses certain characteristics that aid an artist to define boundaries, represent objects and shapes. Thereby expressing his visual power.

2 shape :a shape is an outline of objects. It occurs when a line is drawn to close a space. It is the total effects of visible lines on the outline of evrry object

3 space: space depicts an area where an artwork is created. Space is either positive or negative. It is positive when the space is occupied while it is negative when it hovers around objects as picture plane.

4 value : value is the degree of lightness and darkness of objects drawn or painted with colors in 2 dimensional artwork, value helps an artist to achieve three dimensional effects when working on two dimensional surfaces

5 color: color awaken our visual perception so quickly that we easily respond to visual appeal. Color is a part of light, this means that color only exists in the presence of light

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