Computer Virus

Computer Virus

A virus can prevent you from using your computer or make you use it with serious tears or even just knock your computer dead.
A computer virus is a program written by people called virus perpetrators or data invaders and are designed to:
a.Replicate itself from one computer to the other.
b. Locate itself in the system in such a way to enable it to amend/destroy programs and data files and system area in the disk by interfering with the normal processes of the operating system.
Classification of Virus Effect:
a.Destructive Effect
1.Massive destruction:attacks the format of system data whereby no data on the disk can thereafter be accessed.
2.Partial destruction: Erasure and modification of specify portion of a disk,thus affecting the files stored there.
3.Selective destruction: Erasure and modification of files or specific group of files.
4.Random havoc: randomly changing data on the disk or in memory during the normal program execution or changing key strokes value(e.g you strike the C key and the P Jey echoes) or data from other input/output devices.

Types of Viruses.
1.Trojan horse.
3.Logic bomb.
4.Alabama virus.
5.Christmas virus.

Sources of Viruses.
1.Infected diskette.
2.Infected CD ROMs
4.Internet downloading.

Virus warning signs
1.Slowing down of response time.
2.Presence of tiny dots.
3.Wandering across the screen.
4.Incomplete saving of files.
5.Corruption of the system set up instructions.
6.Appearance of strange character.
Examples of antivirus include Norton antivirus,McAfee virus scan,Dr Solomon's tool kit, Penicillin etc.

1. Realize that virus infection is contagious.
2. Backups of all files at regular intervals:after recovery,you will have a healthy files to work with.
3.Ensure a disk is free from virus before install

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