The long saphenous vein

The long saphenous vein


-The long Saphenous vein is the longest and largest vein in the body

-It is also called the great Saphenous vein

-It is a superficial vein of the lower limb

-It is located in the lower limb

-It has 10-20valves that prevent the reflux of blood from deep to superficial vein

-At the ankle, it lies 2.5cm anterior to the medial malleolus

-In the leg, it crosses the medial border of the tibia

-At the knee, it lies posterior to the medial margin of the patella

-In the thigh, it ascends to reach the medial aspect of the thigh at the infrerolateral aspect of the pubic tubercle (Saphenofemoral Junction)


The great Saphenous vein is formed by the union of :

a). Dorsal vein of the big toe (from medial marginal vein of the foot)

b). Dorsal venous arch of the foot


-After its formation, the long Saphenous vein passes anterior to the medial malleolus of the tibia and ascend through the lower quarter of the tibia to reach the medial condyle of the tibia

-It then ascend to the medial condyle of the femur and spiral round, move to the front to pierce the cribiform fascia after passing through the Saphenous opening (fossa ovalis)

-The vein terminate by emptying into the femoral vein after piercing the femoral sheath.


1). Medial marginal vein of the big toes at its commencement

2). Communicating vein

3). Posterior arch vein

4). Anterior vein of the leg

5).Anterolateral vein of the thigh

6). Posteromedial vein (accessory Saphenous vein)

7). Just before piercing the cribiform fascia, it receives tributaries from :

a). Superficial epigastric vein

b). Superficial circumflex iliac vein

c). Superficial external pudendal vein

8). Just before it terminates into the femoral vein, it receives tributary from the deep external pudendal vein

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