Internet Marketing (INT 101)

Internet Marketing (INT 101)

How much should a business budget for a website? The answer depends on what you want to do. There are plenty of templates available to get you started if you want to create your own website. Some small businesses manage to start with a tiny presence and a free page on a site like Facebook or Etsy.
If you plan for your company to grow and be taken as a serious member of the business marketplace, consider what your web presence will be, how much you will spend on it, and what you want to accomplish. Bigger isn’t always better, but content is most important. Unless you are putting good content on your site, don’t bother with a website at all. Affiliate Programs

With affiliate programs, you can use your web presence to recruit others to sell your products, or you can sell products for other companies from your website. This approach can be helpful if you do not have a lot of products to offer of your own, or if there are complementary products out there that can help you get started. If you write a blog and include posts about great books that you have read, you could set up affiliate links to a bookseller, where you get a portion of sales that come from people.If you have plenty of products and you want people to sell them for you, then you can set yourself up where you act like the book wholesaler in the eg above, and people who sell for you receive a portion of every sale that originates from their web links, while you get to keep the profits from the overall sale.

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Some small businesses manage to start on sites like ---------