Introduction to Internet Marketing (INT 101)

Introduction to Internet Marketing (INT 101)

What is internet marketing?

Internet marketing is just what it sounds like: using the Internet to leverage your marketing strategy so that your company flourishes. Marketing strictly by the Internet is not the goal, so you will see that we refer to an Internet marketing strategy as an element of your overall marketing strategy. If you are going to have an Internet marketing strategy, you need to be ready to establish (or if you already have one, expand) your digital presence and reach. In this course, we will sometimes refer to you . Since you may have several sites that are related to one company or one individual, we sometimes also refer to a hub site Sample Site Structure. Your hub site is your main web site, to which any others are linked. the different sites, which are built around the hub site.

Popular Strategies

There are some preferred and effective strategies that companies use when it comes to Internet marketing. You may find that only some of them fit with your overall marketing strategy, but we recommend that you consider each of them. Your goal is to use the strategies which best connect you to your customers and prospects, and also fit into your overall marketing strategy .

Web Design and Development

Your business is going to be reflected in your website, so it needs to look good. Your website needs to be a comprehensive and engaging demonstration of what you do with and for your customers. It is no longer enough to have a brochure style website .

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