Celebrities and their genre of music

Celebrities and their genre of music

There are a million different wayso judge a musician's or band's talent. Regular listeners might judge it by seeing if the singer can hit high notes, or if guitarists are able to do high-speed riffs. For music company execs, listening for skill deals more with a band's image, brand, and marketability in many cases. Others may see talent in a concrete, numbers way.

But, there are some people who go beyond typical standards of excellence in music. Rather than be defined by views, looks, or sales, these musicians went beyond standard music to create, or even define, the genre that they played in. The musicians below really did define the genres they're known for, and no one can argue that.

Nirvana - Grunge

Grunge in the 90s was a genre that was defined by rage, a hatred of the overly polished look of life that the decade embodies, and the desire to see music return to a genuine chord of raw emotion.

During the 90s, many disaffected teens felt like they were stuck in a commercial dystopia - and no one put that sentiment into music better than Cobain himself. Kurt Cobain's emotional lyrics, troubled past, and deep struggles with trying to cope with the commercialization of his music resonated with audiences around the world.

Sure, there may have been a number of other bands out there who played grunge music, but no other band ever seemed to embody it in the way that Nirvana's angst-filled music and anti-commercial attire could.

Kavinsky - Outrun

During the early 2010s, vaporwave and new retrowave were both beginning to gain clout among denizens of the internet. As the resurgence of synth beats, geeky music titles, and 80s aesthetics began to grip music lovers, one artist took a different twist to the genres.

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