5 reasons why technology is changing the world

5 reasons why technology is changing the world

Technology is changing the way people live, the world is quickly becoming one homogenized society where culture, language, and food are integrating and heavily influencing each other.
Let’s analyze how technology is changing the world.
1. Education
The e-Learning industry is growing at rapid rates. Traditionally, education tended to stay in a classroom with a student and teacher. Now, online and various technological tools have taken over the education system. Thousands of courses and degrees are available online and have shown to be more effective at times than the traditional classroom. Students can take classes at their own pace, and can easily repeat parts of the course they have questions about.
2. Health
It has been predicted that by 2025, dementia and Alzheimer’s will be little to nonexistent. Cancer treatments will not have so many harmful side effects and will not be as painful, and it is also predicted that type 1 diabetes will be completely preventable by then (due to human genome engineering). They have already started to be able to tell what diseases and health problems people are at risk for just by doing a couple simple tests.
3. Information
Before the internet, it was harder to know about things that were happening in countries and places around the world. The internet connects us with people in every country and we can instantly communicate with them. You no longer have to go to a library or flip through a magazine to find an article; you can just search it up and find what you need to know online
4. Communication
It is now easier than ever to be able to communicate with someone all over the world. The main form of communication in the 1800’s was the telegraph, and now smartphones, social media, and video messaging are taking over the world quickly.

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