Botanical names of plants

Botanical names of  plants

Plants Botanical names

1 maize Zea maize

2 Yam. Dioscorea spp

3 Rice Oryza sativa

4 Cassava Manihot spp

5 Garlic Allium sativum

6 Pepper Capsicum spp

7 pineapple Ananas comosus

8 Onion Allium cepa

9 Cabbage Brassica oleracea

10 Cow pea Vigna unguiculata

11 Groundnut Arachis hypogeal

12 Soya beans Glycine max

13 plantain Musa paradisiacal

14 Guinea corn Sorghum spp

15 Tobacco Nicotinia spp

16 Mango Magnifera indica

17 Orange Citrus spp

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