Valency of different elements

Valency of different elements

What is valency?

Valency is the combining power of atoms of elements.They are usually small whole numbers with those of metals mostly positive and non-metals negative.

Below are valencies of important elements

Elements. Symbol. Valency.

Aluminum. Al. +3

Barium. Ba. +2

Bromine. Br. -1 or +1

Calcium. Ca +2

Carbon. C. +2 or +4

Chlorine. Cl. -1,+1,+5 or +7

Copper. Cu. +1 or +2

Gold. Au. +1

Helium. He. Nil

Hydrogen. H. +1 or -1

Iodine. I. -1

Iron. Fe. +2 or +3

Krypton. Kr. Nil

Lead. Pb. +2 or +4

Mercury. Hg. +1 or +2

Neon. Ne. Nil

Nitrogen. N. -3,-5 or +3

Oxygen. O. -2 or -1

Phosphorus. P. -3or -5

Potassium. K. +1

Sulphur. S. -2,+4,+6

The valency of Noble gases are nil because they are not reactive at moderate temperature and pressure.

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