The story of Jonah and the big fish

The story of Jonah and the big fish

Jonah was a prophet of God.It is not long after the death of the prophet Elisha that God told Jonah,"Go to the great city of Ninevah. The badness of the people there is very great and I want you to speak to them about it.

But Jonah did not want to go.So he got on a boat that was going in the opposite direction from Ninevah. God was not pleased with Jonah for running away.So he caused a big storm in the boat he entered.It was so bad that the boat was in danger of sinking.The sailors were very much afraid and they cry out to their God's for help.

Finally Jonah told them,"I worship God,the God who made the heaven and the earth.And I was running away from doing what God told me to do".So the sailors ask,"What should we do to you to stop the storm.?
"Throw me into the sea and the sea will become calm again, Jonah said. The sailors didn't want to do it but as the storm got worse they finally threw Jonah overboard.Right away the storm stopped and the sea was calm again.

As Jonah sank down into the water,the big fish swallowed.But he didn't die. For three days and nights,he was in the belly of the fish.Jonah was very sorry that he did not obey God and go to Ninevah. Jonah prayed to God for help Then God made the fish vomit Jonah out unto the dry land.After that Jonah went to Ninevah.

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