Types of article writings that could be published

Types of article writings that could be published

Writing articles provides a phenomenal way to promote your ideas and thoughts in your target market. Here’s a short primer on the seven primary types of pieces you could write and submit to publications.

1. Essay: Most essays are short to medium-length pieces about a personal experience or an opinion. Typically, an essay revolves around one subject and presents your views.

2. How-To: These prescriptive pieces contain steps, ways, or tips that help the reader do something specific. They provide the solution for a problem or the answer to a question.

3. Question and Answer: This is an article based upon an interview. However, with the exception of the lead or introductory paragraphs, you do not analyse or build a story around the interviewee’s answers to your questions.

4. Personality Profile: This revolves around a person’s life and accomplishments based on an interview. Eg. People magazine.

5. Trend: Just as the name implies, a trend article showcases an increasing or decreasing movement over time, such as in housing prices, the number of people playing Pokémon Go, or couples getting divorced.

6. Lifestyle: These articles focus on a lifestyle issue, such as health, relationships, or recreation, and can include interviews as well as statistics. Such a piece might discuss the private school options in a city, how to use a new walking path in a town, or the best restaurants around town.

7. Shorts: These are short pieces which might be 150-500 words in length. The topics vary but always focus on the target market of the particular publication.

However, there are other variations on any of these article formats, where you might find an opportunity to write additional pieces, such as:

A. book reviews

B. movie reviews

C. restaurant reviews

D. op-ed pieces (opinion)

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