The story of Esther and Mordecai

The story of Esther and Mordecai

During the times of Ezra, Mordecai and Esther were the most important Isrealite in the kingdom of person.Esther was the queen and her cousin Mordecai was the second only to the king in power.
Esther's parents died when she was very small and so Mordecai raised her.Ahasureus,the king of Person has a palace in the city of Shushan and Mordecai was one of the servants.
Well,one day the king's wife disobeyed the king,so the king chooses a new wife to be his queen.Do you know the woman he chooses?The beautiful young Esther.
There was another man in Jerusalem named Haman who was an important figure in Person.Haman wanted people to bowed to him including Mordecai.But Mordecai won't do it.He didn't think it was right to bow down to such a bad man.This made Haman very angry.And so this is what he did.

Haman told the king lies about the Isrealite.'They are bad people who don't obey your laws,"he said."They should be put to death.'Ahasuerus did not know that his wife Esther was an Israelite.So he listened to Haman and he had a law made that on a certain day all Israelites are to be killed.

When Mordecai heard about the law,he was very upset.He sent a message to Esther.'You must tell the King, and begged him to save us.''It is against the law in Persia to go see the king unless you are invited.But Esther goes in without being invited.The king held out his gold rod to her,which means that she is not to be killed.Esther invites the king and Haman to a big meal.There the king asked Esther what favor she wanted from him.Esther said that she would tell him if he and Haman will come to another meal the next day. At that meal Esther told the king,"My people and I are to be killed.'The king was angry."Who dates to do such a thing?'Esther said. Haman was killed

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