COVID-19: Handling job search during a pandemic

COVID-19: Handling job search during a pandemic

If you’ve lost your job due to COVID-19 or were in the middle of a job hunt when the coronavirus hit, don’t panic. Some industries are cutting back, but others are hiring. Below are some tips for job hunting during a pandemic:-
1. Check your benefits:- Check with your Human Resources department or designate for details of your job loss benefits to which you are entitle to before looking for another job.
2. Get ready to job search:- If you haven’t had to look for work in a while, take some time to write cover letter, update your resume and LinkedIn. It will help your application get noticed.
3. Be aware of the job market:- Not every occupation and industry will be affected in the same way. Some jobs are booming, and employers are actively recruiting candidates for employment.
4. Job Search Online:- In the current climate, however, you'll want to focus on searching and applying for jobs online on the top job sites, social media, and directly on company websites, rather than using the traditional method of physical contact.
5. Consider Work-from-Home Options:- Search for work-from-home jobs that will at least supplement your income if you have an internet connection, phone and/or a laptop.
6. Be ready to offer solutions:- You’ll increase your chances of getting hired if you can prove your values to the Hiring Manager.
7. Be Prepared to Ace the Interview:- Practice interviewing via camera if you’ve never been interviewed via Skype or Zoom so as to acquaint yourself with the technology.
8. Spend Time Networking:- Remember that networking doesn’t require meeting in person but via other social networks.
9. Upgrade Your Skills.
10 Be Patient and Kind since the hiring process may be longer and different from what you’re used to, but you’ll get there.

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