Change yourself

Change yourself

First what is life?
Life is an experience, a present and also a future. When things are not going well it requires change, either you change your environment or you change yourself. Changing the environment is when you notice the location you are does not have a good impact in you then you wish to relocate to a better location that suits your progress in life. But the best change in life is changing yourself, because no matter how you change your location, if you don't change yourself nothing will be changed. When you change yourself is changing from bad to good that is when you can only succeed in life. If you don't change your character you will be carrying the same bad mind from one location to another and this won't bring any change to your life, it will on get your situation worsen.

In conclusion, my advice is that, it is better to change yourself than to change your location because everything you do daily determines your destiny. Change yourself now to change your future. A stich in time saves nine

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